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A criminal charge is a serious matter. Don't try to take the court system that handles La Habra cases on by yourself, and don't settle for a sub-standard attorney. You need an experienced professional who has a deep understanding of the legal issues involved, and who has experience going to trial and prevailing against the prosecution. Barney Gibbs is a top Orange County criminal defense lawyer who has been serving the La Habra community for several decades-since 1983. In that long span of time, he has earned a reputation as a scrupulous legal advocate dedicated to his clients.

Wisely Choose Your Legal Counsel

Barney Gibbs has demonstrated his formidable courtroom presence and skillful trial tactics time and again. On behalf of his clients, he has succeeded in hundreds of outright dismissals and getting over 1,500 counts dismissed. In addition, he has also succeeded in getting many more clients' charges reduced. Experience matters. A track record of success matters. Too many attorneys in La Habra talk a big game, but don't walk the walk. Barney Gibbs lets his long history of triumphs speak for itself. All that matters to him is that countless clients in La Habra are now able to go to sleep every night in their own beds, and not inside a jail cell, because he devoted himself 100 percent to their causes.

Why Experience Matters

Every case is different. The circumstances are different. The salient legal issues are different. That said, Barney Gibbs has been around the block enough times to identify patterns. He knows time-tested strategies that can make all the difference. With personal hands-on experience in cases regarding California sex crimes, DUI defense, drug crimes, state fraud, domestic abuse, theft, and much more, Barney Gibbs is fully equipped to deal with any challenge that might come his way. Put your faith in an Orange County criminal attorney who has walked this terrain before and knows how to sidestep the legal landmines.

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Barney Gibbs offers prospective clients a FREE initial consultation. It's a great opportunity for you to find out more about him, and for him to find out more about you and your case. Don't hesitate; contact Attorney Gibbs today to schedule an appointment. Take the first step toward taking control of your life again.