Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Alamitos

The court system is designed to intimidate people like you who have been charged with a California criminal offense, but Barney Gibbs is an experienced hand with the courts that prosecute Los Alamitos cases, and his many victories have proven that the prosecution can be beaten.

Qualified Legal Advocacy

Experience, knowledge, and passion - these are the hallmarks of Barney Gibbs' tremendous success as an Orange County criminal attorney in Los Alamitos. In his decades as a veteran of criminal law, Barney Gibbs has handled over 2,500 cases. His exemplary track record includes hundreds of outright dismissals and many more cases in which he succeeded in having charges against his clients substantially reduced.

He has experience handling a wide variety of criminal issues, from sex crimes to drug crimes, weapons charges, DUI, theft, robbery, assault, and much more. Last, but not least, Barney Gibbs is well known in the Los Alamitos legal community as a lawyer who fights tirelessly to defend the rights of his clients. That passion is evident in the hard work he puts forth, both in and out of the courtroom.

Affordable High-Caliber Criminal Defense

Many people look at the résumé of an attorney and assume they cannot possibly afford the services of such a high-caliber legal advocate. Barney Gibbs, however, does not believe that superior legal representation should be reserved only for the wealthy. He has defended clients from every walk of life. Once you meet with him, discuss the merits of your case, and consider possible strategies to victory, he is always happy to also consider a flexible payment plan. Criminal charges might have put you in a hole, and, as a result you and your family might be financially struggling to dig yourselves out. Barney Gibbs wants to help, and that means not asking you to dig in even deeper.

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Regardless of your Los Alamitos criminal matter, call Barney Gibbs today to schedule a FREE initial consultation. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know him, and for him to learn more about your case, and to understand you as a person. Our Orange County criminal defense lawyer is ready to stand up for your rights.