What Is a Bench Warrant?

Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer

Bench warrants are warrants for arrest issued by either the judge or the court in the event that the defendant has somehow failed to comply with a court order. Once the warrant has been issued, it gives law enforcement the right to arrest the defendant and bring them into court. (This is where the name 'bench warrant' is from as the defendant will be literally brought before the judge's bench.)

Bench warrants can be issued for the following reasons:

  • Failing to Appear in Court
  • Failing to Pay an Ordered Fine
  • Failing to Obey Court Orders

Unfortunately, bench warrants are not always issued fairly. In more than 30 years of practice, The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs has seen an extremely high percentage of people who were never notified of the issuance of a bench warrant. Often, this is for simple reasons such as a change of address or incomplete one. This can lead to situations where the defendant is stopped for something as minor as speeding and taken into jail without ever knowing that a bench warrant was issued.

Bench Warrants & Probation Violations

A major problem with bench warrants is that it is usually a probation violation. Whenever a defendant pleads guilty, he is usually given probation, which can last from 1 to 5 years. Often, the probation will have certain terms that the defendant must uphold (ex: paying fines or completing programs). If the conditions of the probation are not met, the court could determine they are in violation and issue a warrant. Similarly, a case where a bench warrant is issued could lead a probation violation charge.

Recalling & Quashing a Bench Warrant

To recall and quash a bench warrant means to have it removed from the judicial system. If you have had a warrant issued in your name, contact the defense lawyers from The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs as soon as possible. When we represent individuals in bench warrant cases, we are available to appear in court to begin and complete the process. In some cases, we can make this appearance on your behalf without you ever needing to step foot into the courtroom; however, this does not apply in cases where the crime is a felony.

Help for Bench Warrants in Anaheim, CA

The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs has handled 2,500 cases+ for clients throughout Orange County. Their firm has more than three decades of experience and is proud to have secured more than 1,000 case dismissals throughout the course of their legal careers. They understand that time is of the essence in bench warrant cases and can work with you to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

To learn more about bench warrants, contact the firm. They can not only help you find out if there is a bench warrant against you, but the firm can also handle your defense in court.