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Barney Gibbs has been practicing criminal defense in Garden Grove since 1983. In that time, he has made a name for himself as an Orange County criminal defense attorney who can take on the top prosecutors and win. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, that is a serious matter, and it demands the attention of a serious legal professional. Don't cut corners when it comes to your defense. Don't try to take on the entire Garden Grove court system all on your own. The fact is, you stand a very good chance when you have the kind of top-tier California legal representation offered by someone of Barney Gibbs' caliber.

Barney Gibbs has dedicated his entire career to becoming truly well-versed on all matters of California criminal law. He has handled a wide variety of criminal cases, ranging from drug crimes to sex crimes, juvenile offenses, bench warrants, domestic violence and much more. He stands by his record. With hundreds of cases dismissed, Barney Gibbs has proven himself a staunch defender of his clients' rights and, in many cases, their very freedom. With a talented legal professional like Barney Gibbs on your side, the Garden Grove prosecutors will have finally met their match.

Crime Rates in Garden Grove, California

The city of Garden Grove is rated 42 out of 100 on the crime index. This number is generated based upon crime statistics in the city compared with the national average. The higher the number, the less criminal activity. This means that the city of Garden Grove has a crime rate that is slightly higher than the national average. Statistics indicate nearly 500 violent crimes and over 3,000 property crimes annually in the city. With a population of over 170,000, the city of Garden Grove is not a small town but it is not a heavily-trafficked urban area either. Nonetheless, law enforcement tends to patrol high-crime areas more heavily. If you have been arrested in or near Garden Grove, or you are a resident of this city and are in need of criminal defense representation, consider contacting Attorney Barney B. Gibbs.

Believing in Your Case

In too many cases, those accused of crimes assume they can't beat the Garden Grove system and plead guilty. Never plead guilty without consulting the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, such as Barney Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs has taken on tough cases and won enough times to know there is no such thing as an open-and-shut case for the prosecution. Believe in yourself, and that confidence will make all the difference. The jury can read the confidence in a defendant and his attorney.

Contacting The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs

Don't let the legal process get too far without consulting with a skilled California criminal defense attorney. Barney Gibbs offers a FREE consultation for prospective clients, and you should take advantage of this offer to get the kind of advice only someone with insider knowledge of the legal system can provide.

Contact Barney Gibbs today and employ the services of a reputable Orange County criminal attorney.

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