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If you or someone you love has been arrested in or near Huntington Beach, get in touch with an Orange County criminal lawyer from The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs. Attorney Gibbs has more than 30 years of experience in the local criminal court system, which is experience you need if you're facing criminal charges.

Huntington Beach has a population of around 189,000. Out of all the beach cities and towns in Orange County, Huntington Beach has the largest population. Surrounding cities include Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Seal Beach. Huntington Beach is often referred to as "Surf City."

Since 1983, Barney Gibbs has personally handled over 2,500 criminal cases. He has succeeded in having hundreds of cases dismissed outright and over 1,500 counts dismissed; additionally, he has had the charges in many more cases substantially reduced on behalf of his clients. That kind of track record is a rare find, and it is part of why Barney Gibbs is considered one of the top lawyers for criminal defense in Huntington Beach.

A Variety of Criminal Expertise

Barney Gibbs brings to bear decades of experience in a wide variety of criminal cases. From weapons charges to sex crimes, DUI, state fraud cases, probation violation, theft, domestic violence, and more, he has seen and heard it all. He has developed a reputation as a legal representative who knows the law inside and out, and that wealth of experience and expertise has translated into favorable results for his Huntington Beach clients.

Crime Rates and Statistics in Huntington Beach, CA

According to statistical analysis, Huntington Beach has one of the higher crime rates of cities in Southern California. On a scale of one to 100, the city scores a 34, which means that it is more dangerous than 66 percent of other U.S. cities. Annually, there are approximately 400 violent crimes and over 4,000 property crimes. Property crimes include things like burglary, vandalism and shoplifting. Another way of phrasing the crime rate in Huntington Beach is to say that there are 26 crimes per every one thousand residents. Because of the higher volume of crimes, the Huntington Beach Police Department and other law enforcement agencies are likely to heavily patrol this area.

For People from Every Walk of Life

High-caliber attorneys can cost a lot of money. That said, Barney Gibbs believes strongly that everyone deserves solid legal representation. For this simple reason, he offers a free initial consultation. Mr. Gibbs will sit you down, review the details of your case, and offer you his preliminary thoughts. If he decides to take on your case, he is willing to work out a payment plan suitable for everyone. He didn't become an attorney just to make a lot of money; he pursued this career because he is passionate about the quintessential American ideal that everyone deserves his or her day in court, and everyone is innocent before proven guilty. That ideal is a cornerstone of our democracy, and he is proud to be an active participant in this nation's legal system.

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Free legal advice is a phone call away. Find out more about the legal merits of your case and the best course going forward. If Barney Gibbs is able to take your case, you will have the advantage of a premier Orange County criminal attorney fighting the good fight by your side. Don't take on the California courts for your Huntington Beach legal matter by yourself. Choose someone you can entrust with your case.

Put your future in the hands of someone who has come through for his clients again and again. Contact Barney Gibbs today.


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