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Barney Gibbs has worked the California courts that handle Laguna Beach cases for several decades-since 1983. In that time, he has come to know these halls of power. From the prosecutors to the judges, and the clerks who have been involved in his past cases, and who will inevitably be involved with his future cases, for Laguna Beach cases and the California legal system, there is no "uncharted territory" for Barney Gibbs.

His keen insight on the main players helps him with his tactics both in and out of the courtroom. When it comes to choosing an Orange County criminal defense lawyer to represent your interests and fight for your rights, don't choose someone who isn't profoundly familiar with the courts that prosecute Laguna Beach cases. Choose a legal professional who has walked this legal landscape thousands of times. Choose Barney Gibbs.

Aggressive Defense Attorney

The sad truth is, too many people believe they don't stand a chance against the all-powerful legal system, and so they give up, agreeing to plead guilty without a fight. While it's perfectly understandable to feel intimidated, don't succumb to it. Fight for your name. Fight for your family. This is a fight that you can win. Barney Gibbs can say that with confidence, because he has stood on those battle lines time again, facing those California prosecutors he has come to know so well, and he has triumphed. With Barney Gibbs, you get a legal advocate who will aggressively defend your rights. But if he is going to dedicate himself to your cause, he needs to know you are dedicated as well. A passionate defense attorney and an equally passionate client make a winning team.

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It's time to reclaim control over your own life, over your own future. That process begins with a simple phone call. During this first meeting, Barney Gibbs will sit down with you and discuss the details of your case - at no charge to you. Take the first step, and you will find that Barney Gibbs is one high-caliber Orange County criminal attorney who is fair, honest, aggressive, and hard-working.

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