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Consider for a moment what makes a solid criminal defense. Your legal advocate needs to be able to bring several vital attributes to the table. The first is legal acumen. Does your attorney understand all the various complexities of the salient legal issues involved in your case? The second is experience. Does your attorney know the California courts that prosecute Laguna Hills cases inside and out? Does he or she have substantial trial experience? The third is commitment. Is your attorney personally invested in your case, or does he or she plan to hand it off to some less experienced associate?

Experience Matters

Barney Gibbs has handled cases involving drug crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault, theft, DUI, juvenile offenses, state fraud, and much more. Since 1983, he has spent decades immersing himself in the minutia of criminal law. You will be hard-pressed to find an Orange County criminal attorney who rivals Barney Gibbs' in-depth understanding of the law. Barney Gibbs also brings to bear considerable experience. He has handled over 2,500 cases, and is intimately familiar with the principal players that prosecute Laguna Hills cases. Finally, Barney Gibbs is renowned for his passionate defense of his clients' rights. He personally handles every one of his cases, and takes the time to get to actually know his clients. This isn't just a job to Barney Gibbs; it's a cause.

A Reputation for Success

Many attorneys talk a big game, but do they have the record to back it up? Barney Gibbs has personally succeeded in getting over 1,500 counts-and hundreds of cases-dismissed. His take-no-prisoners style in the courtroom makes him a compelling figure for the jury. His time-tested strategies have even earned him the respect of prosecutors that handle Laguna Hills matters, those who wrangle with him on a regular basis. That's the mark of a great lawyer, and that's exactly what you should be looking for in a top-tier lawyer such as Barney Gibbs.

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In Laguna Hills, don't try to take on the California legal system all by yourself. Barney Gibbs is standing by to take your case all the way to the end. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Barney Gibbs and share the details of your case with him. It's time for justice and to move on with your life.

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