Criminal Defense in Orange County

Beginning Your Direct Examination

As your Orange County DUI defense attorney has probably told you, you will likely be the most important witness in your DUI defense case. As such, your attorney will take special care in preparing you for the witness stand. This will involve some coaching before the trial, going over facts, and refreshing your memories of your accident.

However, your attorney's guidance of your testimony will not stop there. As you take the stand to testify, the opening questions that your attorney asks you during direct examination will help set the tone for your entire testimony. If done well, these questions can help establish your credibility with the jury as well as help you feel relaxed and ready to answer further questions.

The key idea here is to establish to the jury that you are a human being. So your attorney might ask you to state your name and age, as well as give background information such as why you were in the area where the accident occurred. Your attorney may also ask you to relax as a way of showing the jury that you are nervous. These things humanize you.

These questions also introduce information that may cast the parts of your testimony about your accident in a different light. Your attorney might ask if you were stressed on the day of your accident, if there was anything going on in your life. In the hands of a capable defense lawyer, you will give an effective testimony and maximize your chances of having the charges against you dismissed. Call The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs today for a free initial consultation.