Criminal Defense in Orange County

Watch Out When the Prosecutor Asks You about the Symptoms of Intoxication

While your DUI defense attorney will be gathering many potential witnesses and a lot of evidence for your DUI defense, the single most important part of your case will be your own testimony. You are likely the only witness to your arrest besides the arresting officer, and only you are in any position to contradict the officer's testimony at your trial. Because your case hinges on your testimony, some prosecutors will attempt to trick you up with trick questions.

One example is asking the defendant if he is familiar with the symptoms of intoxication. This question is trickier than it initially seems—if you deny familiarity with those symptoms, you allow the prosecutor to claim that you are not able to reliably testify as to whether or not you were intoxicated, given your unfamiliarity with the symptoms. If you say that you are familiar with the symptoms, you allow the prosecutor to insinuate that the reason you are familiar is because you have a drinking problem.

Luckily, an experienced lawyer will be coach you as to how to deal with this and other common "trick questions." He will help you articulate your testimony and make sure that you create a good first impression, making the jury more likely to view you as a real person rather than just a possible drunk driver. Make sure you have an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney on your side at trial. Call The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs today for a free initial consult.