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Your DUI Trial and the Psychology of Influence

Going to trial for a DUI arrest can seem like a frightening experience, and it may seem like no jury could possibly give a drunk driving defendant a fair case. But an experienced DUI attorney in Orange County knows that there are certain ways to try to get the jury on your side and fight for an acquittal. These psychological principles are called the "psychology of compliance," and scientists have studied what it takes to a get a person to say "yes" to something. There are six principles that your attorney can try to use to influence the jury to see your side.

Briefly, reciprocation is the belief that society works that giving and receiving work in tandem, and people take turns giving and receiving alternately, as in holiday gift-giving. Scarcity is the psychological principle that people are persuaded by rare, unique, and exclusive information. The principle of authority is that those who command an air of authority are more likely to be believed. The principle of consistency is that people want to be consistent in their beliefs, attitudes and actions.

The principle of consensus is that the more we see others doing something, the more we want to emulate that behavior. And the principle of "liking" is simply that people prefer to reward people whom they know and like. These tactics may seem basic or even obvious, but they have proven to influence people. If you have further questions about jury psychology, contact The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs for a free initial consultation.