Criminal Defense in Orange County

Information That Your Lawyer Should Share With You

There are certain aspects of your case that your criminal defense lawyer should discuss with you. For instance, he or she should take time to explain the elements of the offense to you. The elements of the offense are what the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to get a conviction. If one or more of those elements is missing, any information that you have regarding the specifics of your case may actually help you get an acquittal.

Additionally, your Orange County DUI lawyer should make very clear to you what lies ahead, particularly with regard to the workings of the criminal justice system, as well as the implications of any plea negotiations, alternative sentencing or conviction. Equally important, though, is an explanation of the drunk driving (or underlying) charge. Your attorney should inform you of all the possible consequences of the charge, to include all possible defenses and fines; whether or not you can be found civilly liable for damages; the maximum and minimum penalties that are established by law for the offense; and the possibility of license revocation or suspension.

Another topic that your attorney should discuss with you is the issue of perjury. Perjury occurs when you make false statements under oath, and your attorney should explain the consequences of you committing perjury, both in terms of the possible penalties that can be imposed on you and what steps your attorney is likely to take if he or she is aware of your plans to lie while on the stand.

You and your attorney should also discuss any fee arrangements in detail, and the attorney should require you to verify in writing that the fee arrangement has been thoroughly explained and that you agree to it. These types of arrangements typically include any amount of retainer that is required, the charges that are associated with expert testimony (if required), and there should be mention of who will bear the costs of any disbursements that need to be made. Frank discussions of these finances will satisfy the attorney's ethical requirements and should help to avoid future disagreements. If you need an Orange County criminal attorney, please call The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs for a free consultation.