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The Relationship Between Alcohol Use and Traffic Accidents

An experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney knows that what the public considers common knowledge is often unconfirmed or wrong. Consider the relationship between alcohol use and traffic accidents. There is a statistical correlation between traffic accidents and alcohol use. This has been a well-documented fact for quite some time: a 1978 Department of Transportation report concluded that 9-13% of drivers in traffic accidents that resulted in an injury were under the influence of alcohol, and 5% of drivers in traffic accidents that caused property damage were under the influence of alcohol.

However, many people misinterpret these statistics, thinking that they suggest that alcohol caused these accidents. However, correlation does not mean causation, just because a lot of accidents involve alcohol, does not mean that alcohol was the cause of these accidents. The Department of Transportation report admits that the statistics prove nothing definitively. In fact it is very difficult to say what the exact affect alcohol has on driving behavior. A recent study found that correlation between impaired driving and the behaviors commonly associated with impairment was not as strong has many assume.

These assumptions frequently lead to the jury coming into a trial with unfair biases regarding the defendant of a DUI case. However, a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Orange County will challenge the jury's assumptions when he presents your case in trial, and hopefully, this will introduce enough doubt into the jurors' minds that you will be found innocent.

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