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Establishing Credibility and Showing Concern in a DUI Case

If you expect to come out a winner in your DUI case, your lawyer must be able to express that he or she believes in you, not only in the opening statement, but at every subsequent phase of the trial. However, this calls for more than just words. Your lawyer cannot simply inform the jury of his or her personal opinion of you and the evidence in your case. He or she can, however, convey sincerity and a compassionate interest in both you and your case through the use of body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and facial expressions.

All experienced attorneys know that jurors start evaluating an attorney's credibility at the first moment he or she stands to speak to them. This is crucial because as the jurors evaluate your attorney's credibility, so too will they examine your credibility and the credibility of your witnesses and evidence. If the jurors believe that your attorney is less than forthcoming or is even lying to them, then all things associated with your case will be likewise tainted.

Thus, your Orange County criminal defense lawyer can gain and keep credibility with the jury by first treating everybody with respect and by always acting like a professional with the highest ethical standards. He or she should also be humble and not appear arrogant. For instance, in the attorney's opening statement, he or she can set up credibility with the jury by being up-front and telling the jury both the strengths and the weaknesses of your drunk driving case.

Jurors will likely appreciate this direct and honest approach, because they do not appreciate ruthless attorneys with "anything to win" attitudes. Therefore, your attorney should steer clear of taking personal shots at the prosecutor, as they will only serve to make him or her look petty and unprofessional. If the prosecutor is not a decent person or appears to be the "bad guy," then your attorney should let the prosecutor's behavior speak for itself. Smart jurors will reach their own conclusions with respect to who is "good" and who is "bad" in the case.

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