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Buena Park Hit & Run Gets "Heated"

A Torrance man was arrested yesterday after he fled the scene of an accident that took place in Buena Park, California. The 45-year-old man was arrested because authorities suspected that he not only was the cause of a hit-and-run accident, but that the accident was caused by driving drunk. The accident took place close to midnight last Thursday.

According to authorities, the man suspected of DUI and leaving the scene was responsible for rear-ending another vehicle. This impact propelled the vehicle into a fire hydrant located on the side of the road. Inside of the vehicle that was hit were the driver, the driver's mother and the driver's son. They were all transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The man who rear-ended the vehicle then fled the scene but was then stopped shortly after by both La Palma and Buena Park police. At the time the police stopped the man, his vehicle had ignited. Authorities believe that the vehicle caught fire because of the rear-end accident. It is believed that the impact of the crash caused some sort of mechanical failure, but this is still being investigated. The suspect only sustained minor injuries and was arrested at the scene.

The fact that there was mechanical failure could prove very important to how this case pans out. Only a thorough investigation can prove the true sequence of events; did the mechanical failure result from the rear-ending or did the mechanical failure cause the rear-end accident? An investigation of the vehicle is always important when evaluating allegations of drunk driving. Prosecutors must prove that it was intoxication and no other factor that caused the accident. There is no word on how badly the fire damaged the vehicle, and therefore the evidence.

Even if the driver is dismissed of his DUI charges, he will still face hit and run charges for leaving the scene. Leaving the scene is a serious offense just as DUI is a serious offense. DUI with leaving the scene (both charges) make for even more severe penalties. In Orange County, California, DUI hit and run accidents can result in administrative penalties such as a license suspension, ignition interlock device and vehicle impoundment as well as criminal penalties (upon conviction) such as imprisonment and fines. To learn more about these types of offenses, it is best to get in touch with a qualified professional.

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