Criminal Defense in Orange County

Good Attorneys Are Prepared for the Unexpected

The case of the month for July is more like a topic for the month. I got this idea when an associate of mine was in court and observed the following: an attorney stood up when his case was called and began reading from a pre-prepared script. Evidently, this attorney had never done a criminal case before and was merely going through the motions.

The topic this month is the ability of an attorney to think on his/her feet. This can only come through experience. Whether an attorney is handling a DUI, domestic violence or theft case, the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment is important. An attorney must be able to think outside of the box. No criminal attorney is capable of telling the exact path of a case from beginning to end. A good attorney must be prepared for the unexpected.

Every attorney has to start at the beginning. After that, there is a rapid learning curve. The problem with reading from a prepared script is that there is no learning going on at all. Some attorneys send in untrained, young associates to appear on their cases. Few clients ever know this. Although some only appear to continue a case, some actually negotiate. Unqualified attorneys should not be appearing on cases.

A good criminal attorney must be able to adapt. Only through years of experience can this trait be learned. A client should always find out who is appearing for him/her. This is especially true when clients retain one attorney, only to be handed off to someone else. Clients pay an attorney for his experience. When someone with no experience then handles the case, the client is getting shortchanged.

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