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Maribel Ramos Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance

The man accused of murdering his roommate and Iraq war veteran, Maribel Ramos, made his first court appearance last Tuesday afternoon. Ramos was declared missing about three weeks ago, but her disappearance was declared a homicide after investigators recovered her body in Modjeska Canyon. Police now suspect that her former roommate may have been responsible.

Prior to the roommate being declared as a suspect, he complied with searches, DNA testing, interviews and even attended a candlelight vigil to honor Ramos. In statements to the media, he said that Ramos was his "best friend" and that he "needs her back." What caused police to book him as a suspect? The man's first court hearing shed some light on that subject.

Prosecutors say that Ramos and her roommate had been fighting prior to her disappearance. Allegedly, Ramos threatened to kick her roommate out if he didn't pay his share of the rent. Prosecutors also believe that the roommate may have been infatuated with Ramos. When those affections were not returned, they speculate, he lashed out.

Ramos' last appearance was on the security camera at her apartment complex. She was dropping off a rent check at the leasing office. Her family reported her missing after she had not shown up to various appointments. This, said her family, was not like Ramos. Her family also said that she would never leave for an extended period of time without her dog and without her car, which was what happened three weeks ago.

Days later, residents of Modjeska Canyon reported a foul smell. When investigators arrived at the scene, they found Ramos' body in the nearby brush. She had been living with her roommate for 18 months at the time of her disappearance.

Rather than focusing on the suspect, Ramos' family wishes to focus on their lost loved one. In honor of her memory, Ramos' niece accepted the diploma in criminal justice from California State University Fullerton that Ramos would have received last Sunday.

All prosecutors have stated thus far is that the roommate allegedly is responsible for Ramos' death. The cause of death has not been announced. If convicted of murder, the roommate could face 25 years to life imprisonment. There are some situations in which the penalty for first-degree murder can be the death penalty. For example, first degree murder for financial gain, murder by poisoning and drive-by shootings can be punished with the death penalty.

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