Criminal Defense in Orange County

OC Crime Lab Blood Test Errors

A big news story made headlines today: 900 people accused of drunk driving were notified by Orange County's crime lab that a flawed test had churned out inaccurate blood-alcohol readings. According to officials, these results became part of hundreds of criminal drunk driving cases.

While the error was supposedly "so small that it didn't change the final results in the vast majority of those cases" at least 20 people may have been wrongly identified as driving intoxicated, when their BAC levels were below the legal limit.

An audit of the Orange County Crime Lab in October revealed the mistakes. The 20 individuals who were wrongfully identified as driving over the legal limit, might still have had BAC levels of 0.07. The District Attorney's Office has noted, "…even in the case of .07, that's not automatically grounds for a case to be dismissed."

This news story serves as a reminder that breath and blood test results can be flawed. After you have been charged with DUI, whether you think you were driving over the legal limit or not, it is always advised you secure an Orange County DUI defense attorney. Hiring legal representation will ensure your rights are protected at all costs. An experienced attorney can also determine if your rights were violated during the DUI process. If police did not follow proper protocol or if a breath test machine malfunctioned, we can help prove this in a court of law and fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Our system is only so fool-proof. Securing legal assistance not only protects your rights, it keeps those in authority accountable. At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs we have more than 30 years of legal experience behind us and Attorney Gibbs has handled over 2,500 cases for residents of Orange County. As someone who teaches other lawyers how to handle DUI trial cases, you can count on Attorney Gibbs to provide you with the most effective legal representation possible; contact the firm today!