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Domestic Violence Accusation Only Self-Defense?

Self-Defense in Domestic Violence Cases

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When it comes to domestic violence, false accusations and self-defense go hand-in-hand. Since false accusations of spousal abuse, child abuse and other forms of domestic violence have become so prevalent, investigations are made before official charges can actually be filed. There are many cases where the accusation had no grounds at all except for bitterness or anger on the part of the accuser; however, sometimes the alleged offender actually did bring injury to their accuser. This does not always mean that the crime was actually committed, though, because the accused may have only been acting out of self-defense.

The Consequences of a Conviction

Domestic violence cases are taken very seriously. If your reasons for acting out of self-defense are not apparent to the court, you may be charged with assault and/or battery, which carry heavy consequences when it involves family abuse. This may include several thousand dollars in fines, jail and prison sentences of more than five years, and additional penalties that the court may deem fitting for the situation. It is essential for individuals to establish their actions as self-defense in response to the other person's aggressive action—to do this, you may need the knowledge and experience of an Anaheim criminal defense lawyer.

Defense Against Charges of Domestic Violence

If you are facing charges of domestic violence as a result of actions you took in self-defense, your successful defense against the charges may depend on proving to the court that you acted in response to an immediate threat to your personal safety. Assault and battery are criminal acts of threatening or inflicting physical harm against an individual—however, if the other person was the dominant aggressor who initiated the confrontation, your act of inflicting harm or injury in self-defense may not be considered a punishable crime.

Perhaps you have brought injury to your spouse or another cohabitant in your home, but only did so because they caused you to fear injury yourself. Anaheim domestic violence attorney Barney Gibbs may help you prove to the court that your accuser acted first and that you only reacted in defense. Do not suffer the consequences of unsubstantiated or fraudulent criminal charges—let our firm help you review your situation and defend the actions you may have taken to ensure your own personal safety in a domestic altercation.

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