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Understanding Synthetic Drug Crime Charges

Synthetic Drug Crimes in Orange County, CA

What the Law Says About "Designer Drug" Use

Federal and state governments have been attempting to ban synthetic controlled substances since 2008 when the issue was first beginning to come to light. Many states have implemented bans on synthetic controlled substances such as synthetic marijuana because they have seen these "designer drugs" as a threat, as much of a threat as their organic counterparts.

Many of these substances were readily available in retail stores, but have since been banned. Some have even been included in the drug schedule. Were you arrested for a synthetic drug crime? Get in touch with an Anaheim drug crime attorney at the firm to discuss your options. The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs has defended more than 3,000 clients over the last 35 years.

Types of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic cannabis is often referred to as "K2," "spice" or "plant food." According to the California Health and Safety Code § 11357.5, synthetic cannabis is illegal for possession, sale, use, manufacturing and distribution, just like regularly cultivated cannabis. The statute further explains that anyone who is convicted of an offense related to synthetic marijuana would be guilty of a misdemeanor – which is punishable by a maximum of six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

The designer drug, "bath salts," has also gained the attention of the public when a Florida man allegedly on this type of designer drug attacked and ate off the face of a homeless man. Bath salts are a synthetic cathinone and give off side effects very similar to those of cocaine or methamphetamines. Bath salts have been banned in 41 states and legislation is currently pending in remaining states.

Attempts to Ban Synthetic Drugs

In 2011, the House of Representatives proposed the Synthetic Drug Control Act which would, among other things, place a ban on all known types of synthetic and designer drugs. It passed the House, but did not pass the Senate. The Senate then proposed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 for the purpose of amending the current U.S. Controlled Substances Act to classify synthetic drugs as Schedule I substances. The act includes synthetic cannabis, amphetamines and related derivatives.

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If you were arrested for a drug offense involving synthetic cannabis or a related banned substance, please do not hesitate to contact an Anaheim drug crime lawyer from The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs. Drug laws, especially laws concerning synthetic substances, are constantly changing. Our firm stays current with legislative changes so that you can trust our knowledge and counsel. Our firm provides sharp defense against both felony and misdemeanor allegations. Take advantage of our free case evaluation offer by simply calling today and explaining your case to a criminal defense lawyer from the firm.

Lead Attorney Barney Gibbs has over 35 years of experience dealing with cases such as this. For more information, please call today to set up your free consultation.


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