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If your child has been arrested for a criminal offense, the prospect of a conviction can be overwhleming and intimidating. Your child's future is at stake; juvenile offenses can be detrimental to a child's ability to get into college or find work later in life. At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs, we understand that you want to fight to ensure that your child can have a bright future, and we want to help.

Our Anaheim criminal defense attorney has more than 35 years of experience practicing law in the local courts. His extensive familiarity with the judges and prosecutors in the area gives him a distinct advantage in the courtroom. He can anticipate the strategies and tendencies of the people who may decide your child's fate. When you come to our firm, you can feel confident that we can build an aggressive defense to give your child the best chance at freedom.

Common Juvenile Crimes

At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs, we have experience defending against all types of juvenile crimes. However, the following are the most common types of juvenile crimes we see:

  • Assault

  • Burglary

  • Drug crimes

  • Underage DUI

  • Sex crimes

  • Shoplifting

  • Vandalism

Juvenile Crimes and Their Penalties

Crimes in California can be separated into two categories: adult and juvenile. The concept is self-explanatory, but it is important to know the differences in how adults and minors are processed, tried and sentenced for crimes. This can be helpful in building a defensive strategy based upon whether or not your child's rights were upheld at every stage, and to ensure that he or she is not given a harsher sentence than deserved.

When a child under the age of 18 commits a crime, they are usually not sent to jail or a regular detention center. Punishments for juvenile crime are typically intended to rehabilitate a minor and teach them to be productive members of society, rather than to assume that they are dangers or threats. As such, many supposed juvenile offenders are actually sent home on probation if their alleged offense was relatively minor, such as a misdemeanor. For more serious charges, they will be placed under the supervision of the Division of Juvenile Justice.

As for sentencing, most minors are treated with far more leniency than adults. If they are convicted of crimes such as theft crimes, lesser drug crimes, or underage DUI, they may be placed in a juvenile detention center or even released to their parents under supervision. More serious offenses such as murder or an aggravated violent crime, however, could cause a minor to be tried as an adult.

Can my child be tried as an adult?

On average, about 1,000 juveniles are tried as adults in California each year. These cases usually involve serious criminal offenses such as first degree murder or aggravated assault. In order for a child to be tried as an adult, the prosecution must first petition the court and gain permission for this to be so. If your child has committed a crime, don't hesitate to protect them and their future by retaining a caring yet aggressive Anaheim criminal defense lawyer to fight their false charges.

Minors will typically be charged as an adult in the following circumstances:

  • He or she was charged with a serious crime
  • He or she has a significant record
  • The juvenile is older and determined to be significantly more mature
  • The juvenile has been through rehabilitation programs that have failed

If your child is tried as an adult, it becomes even more essential to retain a lwayer you can trust. In adult court, your child may be facing more severe sentences, including life in jail. The court will no longer favor rehabilitation, but will consider your child as a threat to society and will reflect this in sentencing. Additionally, juvenile records are easier to expunge, or seal, than adult criminal records, which means that the negative stigma of your child's offense will likely stay with him or her for years to come.

Retain the Compassionate Counsel You Need

Call The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs today to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your legal options with an Anaheim criminal attorney. Mr. Gibbs has practiced nothing but criminal defense for over 35 years and will give his full dedication and determination to defending your child from a wrongful conviction. The juvenile court process is terrifying for a child, not to mention the consequences of a conviction and a juvenile criminal record, so call now to take immediate action in their defense.

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