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If you have been accused of theft, the consequences can lie anywhere from a stain on your public record to losing years of your freedom and your life. No matter the degree of the theft, such a conviction can destroy your reputation and limit your ability to find work, maintain relationships, and seek financial aid. At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs, we are committed to fighting the accused in order to ensure that justice is administered fairly, without violating your rights.

Our primary Anaheim criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Gibbs, has been practicing law for more than 35 years. He has dedicated his focus and attention to criminal defense, which has enabled him to foster an extensive familiarity within his practice area. Throughout representation of more than 3,000 cases in local courts, he has developed an insight into the judges and prosecutors he often faces, which can be a distinct advantage to your defense.

How the Law Defines Theft

According to § 484 of the California Penal Code, the law states that anyone who steals, takes, carries, leads, or drives away the personal property of another is guilty of theft. This can be done through misrepresentation or false pretense, or any other fraudulent means.

According to the penal code, theft can also include:

  • Fraudulently appropriating property entrusted to you
  • Defrauding a person of money, labor, real property, or personal property
  • Fraudulently obtaining credit and thereby gaining access to a person's money or property

The severity of theft charges is determined in part by the total value of the property stolen. In determining the value for theft of property as opposed to cash, the penal code states that "the reasonable and fair market value" is the test. Penalties for theft can include a maximum fine of $1,000, restitution of the stolen items/money, and a maximum six months in county jail.

Defending Your Theft Crime Charges

If you've been charged with theft, there are defense strategies available. For burglary, it must be proven that, at the moment you entered the structure, you were intending to commit a crime. Otherwise, your charges could be reduced to shoplifting or be dismissed. There are many affirmative defenses, many of which involve disproving that there was intent. Our team can thoroughly analyze the circumstances surrounding your charge to build the best possible defense for you.

We can help you fight the following theft charges:

Additionally, embezzlement is a form of theft that is considered a white collar crime, as it is committed by those placed in a position of trust. To be convicted of embezzlement, it must be proven that you were using the stolen funds for your own gain; otherwise, your charges have no grounds. To learn more about how we can defend you, speak with an experienced criminal attorney in Orange County.

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