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We have all heard of the dangers involved with identity theft, but do you know exactly what such a crime entails? Knowing the ways in which an individual could steal another person's identity and how this crime is penalized under state laws can not only help you prevent your identity from being stolen and used for a crime, but can also help you build a strong defense in case you are wrongfully charged of committing the crime. Consult with an Anaheim​ theft crime attorney today if you are facing charges so that you can start defending your future from the repercussions of a theft crime conviction.

Understanding Identity Theft

In essence, California Penal Code Sections 528-539 define identity theft as the crime of impersonating another individual in a way that defrauds, benefits the offender, and/or allows the offender to commit a crime under another person's name. Such crimes include, but are not limited to, internet crimes ( § 528.5), forgery and fraud ( § 529(2)), theft ( § 530), and impersonation of a law enforcement officer ( § 538d). Penalties for this crime vary depending on what type of identity was stolen and what it was used for, but most cases involve a fine of thousands of dollars, as well as a jail or prison sentence.

Identity theft is commonly dealt with as a federal offense, a crime against U.S. law rather than state law. In addition to being a theft offense, identity theft may also be considered a white collar crime because it is typically financially motivated. One common way that identity theft is committed is by obtaining a person's personal data such as a Social Security Number, credit card number, bank account number and more.

This information can be stolen by "low tech" means such as dumpster diving or stealing mail or it can be committed via the computer or internet, making identity theft a potential cybercrime as well. If you have been notified that you are under investigation by a federal agency such as the Department of Justice or even a local law enforcement agency under suspicion of identity theft, you have the right to retain an attorney. You are innocent until proven guilty.

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