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Drunk driving convictions can result in serious and severe penalties, especially if convicted multiple times. At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs, we understand the implications of a DUI charge and want to help you fight it. Our Anaheim DUI attorneys are dedicated to helping ensure that the rights of the accused are protected. With the representation of our firm on your side, you can trust that you will have aggressive and effective advocacy.

Mr. Gibbs is proud to offer one-on-one attention to all of his clients in an effort to ensure that they understand the potential consequences they face and how to handle them. Furthermore, he will do everything in his power to fight to reduce charges; in more than 3,000 cases he has handled, he has seen over 2,000 counts dismissed. His proven success means that you will have access to a criminal defense lawyer that can give you the best chance at freedom.

What is an IID device?

Ignition interlock devices (IID) are a uniquely complex result of DUI convictions. While they may seem restrictive and require adhering to multiple strict rules and regulations, this can actually serve as a preferred alternative to more severe punishments. Thus, it is essential that you have legal representation that can be in your corner to ensure that your rights are protected.

Sometimes required as a penalty for driving under the influence (DUI) in California, an IID is an electronic device that gets wired to a vehicle's ignition and is installed for the purpose of preventing drunk driving. The aim is to prevent a DUI offender from committing a repeat offense by requiring a breath test before the driver is able to start the vehicle.

If the driver is tested to have alcohol on their breath, then the vehicle will not start. Furthermore, the IID also works to prevent drivers from using other people's breath samples to get their cars started, by requiring repeat breath samples while the vehicle is being operated. While this may seem to limit your freedom, it can also be a means of saving you from a license revocation.

Requirements and Regulations

Our DUI defense attorney can fight to have an Ignition Interlock Device installment qualify you for reduced sentences; however, we want you to understand that it is essential that you follow all DMV and court-ordered rules regarding its use and maintenance. Any failure to adhere to these regulations or a violation of the required breath test can lead to a reinstatement of sentences or additional, more severe penalties.

If your DUI charge implies that your license will be revoked, we may be able to help you seek alternative sentencing. With the installation of an ignition interlock device, you may be able to petition for a restricted license in order to avoid its complete suspension. Once an IID installed by an authorized technician , you must submit your verification documents to the DMV. This verification document is called a "Verification of Installation" and is also known as the DL 920 form.

Unfortunately, these are not free and you must pay out of pocket for the installation, calibration, and monitoring fees, although the DMV may provide payment options. Additionally, you must have your vehicle checked by the provider every 60 days for calibration and maintenance. Failure to do so by missing three or more checkups can result in your driving privileges being revoked.

In California, the timeframes for IIDs remaining in your car are as follows:

  • Five months for first-time DUI offenses
  • 12 months for secondary offenders
  • 24 months for third offenses
  • 36 months for fourth-time offenders

The provision for Ignition Interlock Devices is detailed in the California Vehicle Code § 14601.2, as well as in subsections 4 and 5.

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At The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs in Orange County, California, we understand the penalties you're facing after being arrested for DUI. The IID program might be a favorable option when compared with the potential imprisonment and fines, but it is crucial that you follow all regulations. Any violations can be used against you and result in further, more severe punishments.

Fortunately, with the representation of Attorney Gibbs as your DUI lawyer, you can feel confident knowing that he has your best interests in mind. Our firm is dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome for your case, which means that our priority is reducing your sentences and giving you your best chance at freedom. We offer payment plans, and your initial consultation is free, which means that you have nothing to lose by getting started.

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