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As an attorney who has personally tried many DUI cases in court, Barney B. Gibbs understands the stress that can occur with having to go to trial. Because of his experience in this area, he am willing to do the work that many other attorneys are not in order to try cases in court. This firm will use all tools available so that clients can stand strong in a very emotional time. This firm is not afraid to work hard and fight for the rights of clients.

Anaheim criminal lawyer Barney B. Gibbs is recognized in all local courts and has a reputation throughout the legal community as a knowledgeable and intelligent lawyer who has an unparalleled knowledge in the negotiation and trial of these cases. Mr. Gibbs is familiar with the science involved in DUI cases. When these cases go to trial there are usually two forensic chemists that testify. Few criminal cases have this. I not only know what our expert will testify to, I know what their expert will testify to.


Since a DUI, drug charge, or any other kind of criminal charge can occur at any hour, day or night, this firm finds it is important that clients are able to reach Mr. Gibbs. Many clients have difficulty reaching their attorney after the attorney has been retained. We advise each client of the best possible time to get in touch, and set aside time each day to be available to answer questions. This firm will always return calls by the end of the day.

Many law firms only operate during normal business hours. As most people know, life does not only happen during these times. Before and after business hours, we are readily available to clients, and easy to reach by phone. Mr. Gibbs handles all of his cases personally, which means that he is there with clients the whole way through. It is also important that clients are able to contact him in a timely manner because there are deadlines that must be adhered to, and as an experienced attorney, Mr. Gibbs is very aware of these deadlines.

Mr. Gibbs will handle every aspect of his client's case, which eliminates the valuable time that is wasted getting the run-around from people who do not have any knowledge about the case. In many other law firms, the client is passed around from attorney to attorney, and possibly even an intern. When you call for The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs, you will speak with Mr. Gibbs directly. What good is an attorney whom you are unable to reach?

Financial Concerns

As a resident of Orange County, Mr. Gibbs understands that each and every client is a unique and individual case. Furthermore, the firm knows that the cost of attorney services can be a large concern for many people. In order to ease some of the financial stress, this firm offers free case consultations. In these consultations, the firm will personally review the case in order to determine the best course of action for the client. We are willing to work with many different income levels, and will discuss payments accordingly.

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When dealing with a DUI offense, you need someone who will fight for your rights with enthusiasm, knowledge and integrity. You need someone who will stand in your corner and exercise assertive behavior when dealing with the demands of the court. This firm understands the importance of being prepared. With over 35 years of experience (a number matched by very few), Mr. Gibbs is not afraid to fight for you in situations that most attorneys refuse to deal with.

Mr. Gibbs has known many of the judges and prosecutors for years, and they are all familiar with his reputation. Just because you have been charged with a criminal offense does not make you a criminal. You have the right to hire someone who understands the law and your rights.

If you want a tough attorney who will work hard to preserve your freedom, call The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs today.


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