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Interview with Attorney Barney B. Gibbs

What made you choose a career in criminal defense?

Helping people who are in need.

You've handled a lot of cases; how does that experience benefit you?

Since I have done so many cases, I know what each case is worth and I know the exact way to defend them.

Describe a case that was particularly impactful on your career:

When I was a young attorney I represented a man who was married with three children. He was charged with selling 2 lbs. of cocaine and had been in custody for a year. After some research I discovered that he was essentially an innocent bystander. The jury agreed and acquitted him. This showed me that the system works best if the attorney is prepared to work.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you can give your clients?

Remain silent, you never have to unsay what you don't say in the first place.

What does an AV Preeminent® rating mean to you?

AV pre-eminent is the highest rating possible from the most prestigious attorney web service. This shows you what your colleagues think of you.

Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of:

The fact that I am respected by my colleagues whether they be defense council, DA's or judges, I have built a reputation on a lifetime of accomplishments.

What approach do you take to the attorney-client relationship?

My position as criminal defense attorney is as a professional and trusted advisor. I make my clients feel that their best interest is always at the forefront of my actions. I am always reliable to them and I am never judgmental.

How do you prepare for difficult cases?

By spending time. Time and more time. As much as needed.

What aspect of your job is the most rewarding?

The appreciation and thanks from clients who have put their lives and future in my hands

No case is too big or too small.
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